Adult Ministries

Worship Service – Every Sunday
Corporate Worship is a vital part of every believer’s life.  We believe that this gift from God is a tool that God uses to grow each of us.  We encourage everyone to be a participant worshiper.  It is as we, as a body of Christ, lift up the name of Jesus in worship that He is most glorified.  Our worship service is designed to accentuate the present gifts of those in the body.

Early Bible Study – Every Sunday
EBS is designed for those who love to get together to study the Word of God in a group.  Discussion is encouraged.  We find that as we search the Scriptures with our brothers and sisters that God knits our hearts together.  The fellowship around his Word leads to increased prayer for one another and a greater desire to be together.
Wednesday Evening Prayer Service – Every Wednesday
God has allowed our church to be involved in kingdom ministry for over 200 years.  We believe that one of the keys to our longevity is Wednesday Evening Prayer Service.  This is a  “come as you are” service that places a priority on prayer.
Men’s Breakfast – Last Saturday of the Month
Every month our men have committed to gathering together in the church kitchen to eat breakfast and catch up on life.  These times of catching up then lead to other conversations and involvement in each other’s lives.  There is great joy found in having other Christian men as friends.
Community Groups – Various times throughout the Year
When there is great effort there is often great reward.  Committing to a Community Group every week is a great sacrifice.  The reward, though, is great.  Close Christian friends, accountability, prayer partners, a kind ear to listen, growth in the Word, and relaxation.  We encourage everyone to be involved in a Community Group.